Bánh quy bơ – Delicate buttery cookies

February 19 2010

These are the most delicate, crispy and delicious cookies I've ever made.
I really love cookies but the problem is almost all the recipes I've read call for a very large amount of ingredients enough to make 50 to 60 cookies.
So, I decided to divide the proportions of all the required ingredients by the number of cookies (often just a third or a sixth as much) I'd like to make.

I call these guys 'delicate cookies' as they are very thin and crunchy. And the taste - I guarantee the same taste as other package-packed cookies sold out there :P

* Ingredients (make a dozen cookies, if you want to make 6 dozens, feel free to multiply each ingredient by 6):
- 1/4 (or 1/3) egg yolk
- 1/6 Tsp heavy cream
- 1/6 tsp vanilla
- 1/3 stick softened butter
- 1/8 cup white sugar
- salt
- 1/3 cup flour

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