Bánh trái tim mini trang trí bằng fondant (My second fondant cake – Mini heart-shaped yellow cake)

March 3 2010

This is my second fondant cake.
I used tip #18 to garnish the cake bottom line with home-made butter cream frosting.
I made the strawberry leaves with a flower gum paste cutter and created the dots on the strawberries by poking toothpick into the ball.

Working with fondant can be a little frustrating at first :) ), yet when you get used to it, it turns out to be so much fun. Fondant made from marshmallow tastes really good (never use ready-made fondant cos it’s said that ready-made fondant tastes horrible!).
Marshmallow fondant is not over sweet as lots of people think at all. When the marshmallow fondant is ready to use, it’s time to form the fondant into whatever shapes you wish, yet instead of dusting your hand with powdered sugar, use cornstarch to avoid over-sweetening the fondant. Too much powdered sugar also makes the fondant become hard.

I did not specify how my cake would look like, but rather worked out my plan and ideas along the way :)
It might take a little while to knead in colors and your hands look kinda… gross afterwards :) ), yet when the colors come out, they look too cute to resist ;) )

This is such a tiny cake that you don’t need much fondant or food colors, just a small proportion of each should be enough.

* I’m planning on learning how to make gum paste & gum paste flowers as gum paste is way better to hold flower shapes than fondant.


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