Nếu bạn đam mê nấu ăn, nướng bánh & chụp ảnh món ăn như mình, đừng bỏ lỡ những trang web/blog này :)


Food Network My favorite food channel.

Cooking Channel TV

Food Blog Winners Wanna know which food blogs out there are worth checking out, give this site a shot!

Fine Cooking

Cannelle et Vanille I’ve never got tired of looking at her photos.

Ina Garten I started to love Ina and her show ‘Barefoot Contessa’ on Food Network when I was still in the U.S. Her show always gets my full attention. I love the way she prepares hearty food for friends, the way she introduces new dishes, and the way she talks to her audience.

Rachel Ray She’s one of the American food icons.

Baking Obsession I’m so obsessed with her site. She doesn’t update her site very often but whenever she does I can’t take my eyes off her works. All her baked goods look amazing and her food photos are magnificent. She also has admirably professional skills working with fondant.

All Recipes Where recipes are shared.

Martha Steward She’s a famous baker and cook book author.

Rose Levy Beranbaum She’s a master baker & the author of The Cake Bible & Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. And I’m her huge fan!

Heavenly Cake Place A group of friends testing out Rose’s recipes and making informative comments throughout the baking process. Very useful blog indeed.

Sweet Bite Blog Another amazing home baker.

Bakerella ‘Sweet inspiration and fun baking ideas’.

Taste of Australia How the Australians cook.

101 Cook Books Love her stories behind her every dish.

Steam Kitchen She’s ‘a professional recipe developer, food columnist, and food photographer specializing in fast, fresh, and easy recipes for the home cook’.

Bell Alimento For Italian food lovers.

The Pioneer Woman Her site looks marvelous and her food photos are worth seeing.

Tasty Kitchen ‘Favorite recipes from real kitchens everywhere’.

Matt Bites ‘A man obsessed with food, drinks, and everything in between’.

Ezra Pound Cake ‘The kitchen confessional of Rebecca Crump’.

Cuca Brazuca Brazillian food and cooking (** lots of interesting baking ideas from South America).

Baking Mad ‘Everything you want to know about baking’.

Baking Bites

Refrigerator Soup A collection of food around the world.

Vegan Yum Yum For whenever I’m in the mood for vegan food.

Taste Book

David Lebovitz A great cook and baker living in Paris.

Cooking Bread All about bread baking.

Pastry Pal I love the colors of her site, and more than that I love her Macaron recipe!


Learn Food Photography I check this site every day just to learn new things.

Taste Spotting If you want to have your food photos uploaded here, just try :)

Food Shots

Food Gawker

Food and Fizz


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